Ecole du Nord

2019-2020 Section Internationale

Continuité éducative – Interview


The 5eme SI students had the great opportunity to interview famous children’s author, Sinead O’Hart, who answered questions about her writing career and gave us advice on how to become an author.

Continuité éducative – Impact of Covid-19

Today the 5eme International Section had the opportunity to speak to life coach and entrepreneur, Sophie Le Brozec, who offered excellent advice for working from home and dealing with the personal impact of Covid-19

Continuité Educative – 5eme International Section


The 5eme International Section students interviewed Muttley & Jack – independent and organic coffee producers from Sweden. This was part of their project on ‘Ethical Consumerism and Fairtrade’.



The 5eme International Section researched the impact of Covid-19 on global business, and interviewed Mr Monks, Manager of Emerging Markets and Customer Success at Paypal who gave us a presentation about his work.