Ecole du Nord

2019-2020 EdN

Continuité éducative – Impact of Covid-19

Today the 5eme International Section had the opportunity to speak to life coach and entrepreneur, Sophie Le Brozec, who offered excellent advice for working from home and dealing with the personal impact of Covid-19

Continuité éducative – My Food Truck


5emes have been working on a project lately, “My Food Truck” and they came up with lovely drawings, which might be useful for your regular issuing.

Continuité éducative – Slogan pour encourager le tri des déchets



Les classes de 5B, 5C et 5E ont écrit un slogan (en s’inspirant d’un dessin de presse d’Ysope) pour encourager le tri des déchets, certains ont choisi de faire un montage photos, d’autres des dessins mais l’objectif est largement atteint. Tu pourras le constater dans la colonne “Ecrire un slogan…”


Continuté éducative – AEFE PROJECT linked to Lockdown

«From my window ». Some students of our CM1 & CM2 classes played the game. They filmed their environment through their window or from their roof top or in their garden expressing themselves in English about what they see, feel. While some of 3° prefered «playing with words» in confinement following the theme «mots confits, mots confinés». As our class project this year is studying language through different art fields and we studied poetry (reading & comprehending; expressive reading & writing) during the first term, the students opted to write you poems about their feelings during this confinement and read them to you.