Ecole du Nord

CP 2019-2020

Continuité éducative – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time when children celebrate their mums and show their love for them.

Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday. In Mauritius, it is celebrated on the last Sunday in May.

Typical Mother’s Day presents include flowers, cakes, chocolates, as well as handmade gifts and poems.

At school, pupils in CP and CE1 celebrated their mums by learning poems and making crafts.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums!


Continuité Educative – Challenges to the CP pupils


During the holidays, the English teachers proposed 3 different challenges to the CP pupils.

They had to make pancakes with their parents, make a string phone using recycled material and practise some yoga poses. It was a good way to develop skills like creativity, patience and co-ordination and above all, they had lots of fun !


Continuité Educative – Anglais


The week before Easter, The CPs and Ce1 of Miss Mélanie made a little craft during their English lesson on zoom. The CPs used a toilet paper roll to make a little bunny and the CE1 learned how to fold paper to make a bunny puppet. We had so much fun.