Ecole du Nord

Global Village


We often hear that the world is a village… Well, on Friday 9th February the students of 5e and 4e brought this village to Ecole du Nord.

To host the “Global Village” event, the students worked within their language classes on various aspects of a chosen country. In groups or alone they did research and thought of how to best present and represent their destination to the visitors.

The yukulele, the bagpipes and traditional music from accross the globe welcomed the students from CM2 and 6e as they travelled to the 29 destinations that occupied the Collège court yard. A cup of tea here, a dance there, face painting and local specialites added colour and depth to the students’ presentations. What a wonderful afternoon of travelling and discovery!

Well done to all the students who have put time and energy to bringing such a vibrant village to our school!