To help slow down “Global Warming” which is a world problem, on Friday, 18th November, we, the pupils of CM2 C & D, planted two trees in the school.

A Frangipani in the entrance garden in front of the verandah (CM2 C) and a Flamboyant in the garden situated next to the new Science Block of the college (CM2 D).

Jocelyn, one of the gardeners of the school, dug the hole and helped us to plant the trees.

We also stuck posters about “Global Warming: its causes, effects and solutions that could be taken” around the school.

We studied “Global Warming” as a Science Lesson with our English teacher.

We also decided to make an effort in our everyday life:

  • Switch off lights when we leave a room
  • Switch off our computers, games, TV
  • Take a quick shower
  • Close the tap when we brush our teeth
  • Plant a tree in our garden
  • Reduce pollution: throw garbage in the bins

We ask you all to do something for our planet,

The CM2 C & D