Ecole du Nord

2020 Plurilinguisme

Escape game – Irregular verbs

Who said that learning irregular verbs couldn’t be fun?

Thanks to this escape game, some pupils in 6e have revised their irregular verbs in a fun way. They were put into differents rooms on Zoom, had to solve riddles and complete several missions in teams of 2 or 3. Mission accomplished! The challenge was TAKEN up, the verbs were LEARNT and the lessons UNDERSTOOD !

Ecrire un conte de fées en allemand

Les élèves LV2 allemand de la classe de 3e B/C ont travaillé sur le passé simple et la tâche finale était d’écrire un conte de fées. Ensuite les élèves ont du présenter leur conte sur vidéo en la lisant à haute voix, se déguiser ou présenter d’une manière originale.



Mein bester Freund / Meine beste Freundin

SEHR GUT ! Les élèves LV2 allemand de la classe de 4e B/C ont travaillé sur la description complète d’une personne. La tâche finale était une rédaction avec le titre : Mein bester Freund / Meine beste Freundin  (Mon meilleur ami / Ma meilleure amie). Ensuite les élèves ont du présenter leur ami(e) sur vidéo.



The Whale Rider

As part of their course on literature, the 3eme International Section students have been reading The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera. Drawing upon themes from the novel – like national identity, immigration, race and gender discrimination – the students had a lively debate this week followed by an interesting discussion on how these issues can affect Mauritians and people living in Mauritius.



The SI Cookbook

“I can resist everything except temptation.” Oscar Wilde

Succumb to temptation and try out one of these recipes suggested to you by the 5eSI students.

The students have written a description of their favourite recipes to help you choose your next treat.

Ready, steady, cook!


The SI Cookbook (pdf )

5è LCE Project – Travel in the 19th century

These last weeks, the 5è LCE group has been practising the target language through their new project entitled “Travel in the 19th century”.

 It was so interesting that they have decided to share their research work with you.