AEN – Ecole du Nord Association

The Association Ecole du Nord (AEN) is the organization in charge of the administrative and financial management of the school. The AEN sets the annual budget, employs teaching and non-teaching staff under local law, and decides on major strategic operations in close collaboration with the management team. 

The AEN acts as a collegial body in the interest of the various stakeholders, and serves all parents by ensuring the long-term success of Ecole du Nord and, through its representatives, Lycee des Mascareignes, of which it is the co-founder along with Ecole du Centre. The AEN ensures the educational, academic and personal success of students from pre-primary to high school. 

Welcome to Ecole du Nord

The Office of the Management Board dated March 30, 2022 

The AEN Management Board is made up of 12 parents elected from AEN members. These are chosen by vote at the Annual General Meeting, taking into account the specificities of the school. The Management Board sets up specialized committees necessary for the proper accomplishment of its mission. Each year, it also appoints its representatives to the Management Board of Lycee des Mascareignes. 

M. Gebert Fabien
Mme Espitalier-Noel Delphine
M. Hardy Nicolas
M. Colin Jean Michel
Assistant treasurer
Mme Rogers Sandra
Board member
M. De Chazal Roger
Board member
Mme Aupee Aurélie
Board member
Mme Khalfe Mohungoo Nazmeera
Board member
Mme Hart De Keating Béatrice
Board member
Mme Amato Jennifer
Board member
M. Staub Anthony
Board member
M. Cariou Christophe
Board member

Responsibilities of the members of the Management Board and Committees 

The Committees prepare the decisions to be made by the AEN Board. Along with the management team, they assess the files in progress and propose solutions in areas falling under the responsibility of the AEN. They are made up of volunteer parents whose expertise is invaluable (architects, chartered accountants, lawyers, HR managers, executives and business leaders, etc). The EDN management has two votes in the AEN Board. Similarly, the AEN has two consultative votes in the school’s governing board.  

  • Buildings & Maintenance Committee: real estate investments, maintenance, quality control, tenders; M. Anthony STAUB, M. Nicolas HARDY, M. Jean Michel COLIN
  • Good Governance Committee: short, medium and long term strategies; M. Christophe CARIOU, Mme Delphine ESPITALIER-NOEL, M. Nicolas HARDY, M. Fabien GEBERT
  • Finance Committee: budgets, financial accounts, investment plans; M. Nicolas HARDY, M. Jean Michel COLIN
  • Human Resources Committee: recruitment, careers, salary scales, etc; Mme Delphine ESPITALIER-NOEL, Mme Béatrice HART DE KEATING, Mme Nazmeera KHALFE MOHUNGOO, Mme Sandra ROGERS, M. Christophe CARIOU
  • “Dialogue Social” Committee: discussions on salary prospects and working conditions. Mme Delphine ESPITALIER-NOEL, Mme Béatrice HART DE KEATING, M. Christophe CARIOU
  • Hygiene, Safety and Working Conditions Committee: preventative and educational actions that inform the schooling of pupils from pre-primary to 3eme (Year 10) M. Jean Michel COLIN
  • Governing Board: decision-making concerning all questions relating to the educational, pedagogical and material government of the establishment. M. Fabien GEBERT, Mme Sandra ROGERS

AEN members are also appointed to participate in different working groups: the Ecole du Nord Yearbook and communication, TICE Committee, setting up of the International Section, the uniforms, AES, etc. 

CommitteePerson in charge
CommunicationMs Jennifer AMATO, Ms Nazmeera KHALFE MOHUNGOO,
M. Nicolas HARDY
LanguagesMs Nazmeera KHALFE MOHUNGOO,
Family servicesMs Béatrice HART DE KEATING, Ms Sandra ROGERS

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