An ambitious curriculum with paths of excellence

One of the priorities of Ecole du Nord is the focus on excellence in languages. Mauritius is a country whose administrative language is English. Creole is the most widely used language for oral communication, followed by spoken and written French. Although English is the language of instruction in the Mauritian system, French is deeply rooted in the country. To take into account the specificities of Mauritius and the challenges of tomorrow’s citizens, the teaching of English at Ecole du Nord is a priority at all levels and begins in pre-primary.

In Primary (Pre-primary and Primary)

  • Increased number of hours of exposure to English throughout pre-primary (one speaker/teacher = one language).
  • Reinforced schedules in primary for all, beyond the requirements of the International Section.
  • Groups of language skills from CE2 class.

In secondary school (colllège)


  • 4 hours of English per week (minimum)
  • “Booster” scheme for students entering Ecole du Nord mid-path in order to strengthen their language skills.
  • 6°/5° and 4°/3° support group as needed

* The collège is the lower-level secondary school for students from 11 to 15. There are four levels: 6ème (lowest), 5ème, 4ème, 3ème (highest). The syllabus offers a general education and consists of French, mathematics, history, civics, biology, physics, technology, art, music, and physical education. At the end of 3ème, students sit the Diplôme National du Brevet. The test is on French, mathematics, history/geography and science/technology. They must also reach A2 level in another language. 

TO GO FURTHER … EXCELLENCE OPTIONS (to be continued at the Lycée*)

  • British International Section from 6°. It includes 10 hours of English per week (Language, Literature, and History-Geography) delivered by teachers with a British Teaching Diploma (PGCE). This option is the preferred entry route for successfully sitting the IGCSE as a first language in Seconde* and for the INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE OPTION.
  • European Section “language & culture” option from 6eme as well. It includes 6 hours of English per week (including 2 hours of language & civilization). This option is the preferred entry route for successfully sitting the IGCSE as a second language in Seconde* and continuing the EUROPEAN SECTION at lycée*.

* The Lycée is the upper-level secondary school preparing pupils for the French baccalauréat. The levels are: Seconde, Première and Terminale (BAC).

English and IS College Projects (examples) :

Spelling BeeXXX
Global VillageXX
Public SpeakingSISI
Shakespeare revisitéSI
Podcasts PiratesSI
Odysséo *SI
Natural environment capital *SISI
Eco lodge (Examen oral en anglais)X
Victorian MauritiusSI
Irish MythologySI
War Memorials *SI
Parcours AvenirX
British High Commissioner interview *SI

* Projects in History-Geography