Opening of the British International Section in the Primary School of Ecole du Nord.

Following the completion of a process to verify the standards of English teaching at Ecole du Nord, we are pleased to announce that the establishment will open a British International Section for all class levels in the primary school starting in August 2022.

Teaching in the International Section constitutes a course of linguistic excellence from CP (grade 2) to CM2 (grade 6). It works in association with our French educational path, meaning students will still complete the school curriculum.

The International Section will allow us to enhance the bilingual and bicultural system, installed at Ecole du Nord for several years, to provide for all our students, of whatever nationality, the best of French and English cultures.

The International Section will be available to the most motivated students and the best performers in English.

Ecole du Nord is proud to offer a complete language course which will extend from CP (grade 2) to troisième (grade 10), to continue at Lycée des Mascareignes and leading to the French International Baccalaureate.