European Section

For nearly 20 years (since the opening of the European Section in September 2001), Ecole du Nord has offered students with an appetite for English, who wish to go further in their studies of this foreign language, a course known as the “European Section”. This proposes to 6eme students the opportunity to start this special European course all the way through to the end of Cycle 4 (3eme), and ideally, onto the Baccalaureate with European option!

What is the European Section?

The European Section is an educational course within French colleges and high schools allowing students to deepen their knowledge of the language and culture of a European country, in this case, Anglo-Saxon countries and the English language.

Students enrolled in the European Section are encouraged to immerse themselves deeply in the language and culture of the target countries, through the study of authentic documents (both audio and written) and through increased practice of the language (research and presentations, debates, sharing of ideas, exchange of opinions, etc).

In the past, plays, musicals, short films, and the organization of cultural events (Global Village, Christmas throughout Europe, etc) have been set up with the enthusiastic collaboration of pupils.

Which students will benefit from this section?

Motivated students, who are interested in English and who are eager to improve their ability in this language. The emphasis is on speaking, and students are encouraged to participate and contribute as much as possible in every lesson. Significant exposure to the language is desirable (viewing films, documentaries, news, etc).

What is the teaching content?

The European Section is not required to follow a pre-established program. Teachers are free to have students work on all types of media while promoting oral practice. The study of the language is done in English class, and students use the skills acquired in class to nurture, support and develop their practice of English. As such, it is important to note that the European Section is NOT a support or remedial course, but a fully-fledged subject that appears on the term report and for which a certain amount of work is required.

How many hours are taught in the European Section?

Students from 6° to 3° are offered 2 hours per week.

Why should my child start the European Section in 6°?

Students following the European course from the start of 6eme will benefit from 2 hours of additional English per week, for 4 years! At a rate of 6 hours per week of exposure to the language, they will achieve a significant competency of the skills expected at the end of Cycle 4 (level B1 / B1 +, according to the Common European Framework of References in Languages, CEFR).

The European Section at EDN prepares students for the European Section at Lycée des Mascareignes, where part of the program in one or more non-linguistic disciplines is taught in English (DNL). This non-linguistic discipline (DNL) can be history-geography, biology and chemistry, mathematics, physical education, physics or any other discipline. Pupils will thus be able to take the “IGCSE 2nd language” exam in Seconde and a Baccalaureate with the European Section Mention.

Upon entering 6eme, this section is open to a selection process which takes into account the student’s linguistic level, their ability to take on additional hours and finally their motivation. The commitment is for 4 years until the end of 3eme.