Special Needs

L’Ecole du Nord implements the means of adaptation, compensation and support to ensure the
schooling of all students from Petite Section to 3eme. The teacher identifies a student’s educational needs and implements teaching arrangements adapted to the student’s needs.

Ecole du Nord has set up the FRANGIPANE / I SPEAK FRENCH scheme to offer an adapted curriculum to English-speaking pupils.
Teachers specializing in French as a language of instruction take charge of allophone pupils, enabling
them to quickly learn the basics of communicating in French. These specialists draw on the
knowledge and linguistic skills of the original language.

If the student is experiencing slight or temporary learning difficulties, the teacher sets up a PPRE
(Personalized Program for Educational Success). This PPRE formalizes a time-limited plan of action
involving the student, his/her family and the educational team.

If the pupil is experiencing mild learning difficulties (mainly Dyslexia, Dysphasia, Dyspraxia,
Dysgraphia, Dysorthography) or ADHD, EHP or EIP, the teacher and family set up a PAP (Personalized
Support Project).

Last but not least, a PAI (Projet d’Accueil Individualisé) is set up for a student suffering from a health problem. It enables us to make the necessary adjustments (medical treatment, emergency protocol, adaptation of the timetable, etc.).
If the student’s difficulties cannot be compensated for by other means, the educational team and
the family can refer the matter to the French MDPH (Maison Départementale des Personnes
Handicapées), which recognizes the student’s disability and opens up possible rights to compensate
for it (e.g., recruiting a permanent classroom assistant).