Our history

In 1973, a small group of parents, who had settled in the North of Mauritius, decided to find a solution to the problem of school accessibility due to the difficulties of travelling by road to the main towns on the island at that time. 

When Ecole du Nord first opened its doors on September 24, 1974 with around thirty pupils, it must have been difficult to imagine that, approaching its 50th anniversary, the school would be the home of almost 1,200 pupils, from pre-primary to 3eme (Year 10). Such was the successful development of the North of Mauritius, a residential region with ever-increasing progress. 

Ecole du Nord is a private Mauritian school, approved by the French Ministry of National Education since 1986. Teaching at Ecole du Nord complies with the programmes, educational objectives and organizational rules applicable in France to public education establishments. As such, the establishment benefits from financial support from France. 

The school is financially managed by the AEN – Association Ecole du Nord – which sets the main operational lines of the school. The principal is appointed by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), and their role to is take full responsibility for the educational organization and implementation, as well as for the welfare of the students of the school. 

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