The French International School of North Mauritius since 1974 – from pre-primary to 3ème (Year 10)

1,300 students

85 teachers

20 nationalities

5 languages taught

94% success rate in exams with honors

Opened in 1974, the school educates more than 1,200 students from pre-primary to 3eme (Year 10), i.e. from 3 to 15 years old. It welcomes students of all nationalities, whose parents all share the same ambition for academic success. 

Within a beautiful wooded setting, teachers strive to offer their students a demanding, multicultural and multilingual education, resulting in remarkable success. Ecole du Nord offers English lessons from pre-primary, and Spanish, German and Latin from 5eme (Year 8) in College (ie. middle school). 

From the age of 6, students can join the International Section. The French International Baccalaureate is recognized by the best universities across the English speaking world. 

Physical education and sport are also very important in our establishment, as they purposefully contribute to the educational balance, the sharing of our values, ​​and the students’ development by implementing the best modern equipment and teaching techniques. 

Ecole du Nord is a non-profit association and part of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), an educational network of more than 560 establishments around the world. 

English at Ecole du Nord