Extreme weather

Atmosphere warming up

Rising of sea level

Temperature rising



Loukian & Julia



Because… it’s Global Warming!

Global warming is deforestation.

Global warming is using CFCs.

Global warming is oil & petrol.

Global warming is factories.

Global warming is US!


Alyssa & Océane



Global warming is human enhanced greenhouse gases.

Global warming is using fossil fuels.

Global warming is pollution.

Global warming is a thick blanket.

If we don’t help reduce Global Warming …

The Earth is…dead!

Erwan & Ivan



Level of the sea rising.

Oil and petrol engines polluting.

Blanket thickening.

Atmosphere warming up.

Life in danger!


Warming up…

Aerosol or spray forms to the bin!

Reduce, reuse, recycle, re…

Melting of ice… frightening!

Infrared radiation.

Negative effects on Earth.

Greenhouse gases changing.

Esha & Ethan



Global Warming is human cutting the trees.

Factories damaging the greenhouse gases.

Smoke from our vehicles going up.

This has a disastrous effect.

Less oxygen.

Less pure air.

Less water.

We have to save the planet!!!

Responsibility for a better Earth…

Let’s go!

Aurélie, Jennifer, Rahil, Charles-Henry


The sun is too hot.

Humans don’t protect the Earth.

Engines are one of the problem.


Earth is sad.

Atmosphere grey.

Rising of sea level.

The gases are a second problem.

Hurricanes are bigger and bigger.


Information can help.

So pass it on.


Stop ignoring.

Inform others.

Create organisations.

Killing the planet is not good.


Léa, Illona, Allyster, Jermaine




The Earth is in danger.

Pollution. Stop!

Deforestation. Stop!

Oil and petrol. Stop!


Extreme weather coming,

Cyclones coming.

Animals… dead,

Plants… dead.

We are in danger…


We can help the Earth.

We can help reduce pollution.

We can save water.

We can use less electricity.

We can reuse our plastic bottles.

We can use the bins.


Wake up!!             

Aiko, Shaivi, Enzo, Geoffroy



To stop Global Warming

To stop Global Warming:

Plant more trees and eat some sweets.

Unplug computers and play in the garden.

Recycle and do bubbles.

Reuse and play marbles.

Reduce and play hide and seek.

Take shorter showers and drink water.

Stop deforestation and breathe fresh air.

Stop air-conditioner and go to the beach.

Yaelle, Tiffany, Ritvik, Kiara