Mauritius & its Past



As Final Project to the topic developed through the last semester “The Links between Europe & Mauritius”, with our teachers Greta Curpen and Nathalie Perdreau, we went on an outing to visit several historical sights of the island marking the different European colonisation periods.


Our first stop was at Frederik Hendrich Museum in Grand-Port, where we saw lots of vestiges of the Dutch period as well as where they first landed. We also learnt that the French used the Dutch fort foundations to build theirs.

Then we went to Mahebourg and we visited the Naval History Museum to have a glimpse on the French & British Colonisations. We even saw Mahé De Labourdonnais’ bed & china-clay coffee set.

Our last destination was at Le Morne Mountain, which has been recognised by the UNESCO as a World Historical Heritage, tribute to Slavery Period.


Here is a short film done by one of our classmate, Lucas Pascal, to mark this beautiful day rich in history.


Léna, Tasneem, Sheena & Maariyah for the LCE 5è 2018/19