Our outing to « Feuilles et Fleurs ».

Our class visited an organic garden which grows medicinal and aromatic plants located in Rivière du Rempart. Organic gardening is a type of gardening where chemical pesticides and fertilizers are not used.

We were warmly welcomed by Nathalie and her team. We learnt how to sow seeds with Emilie, we planted aromatic plants using compost with Sila and Roshan. We harvested aromatic plants (Ayapana, Mint, Sage, Tulsi) and also collected some wild plants for our herbarium with Nikesh. We listened to Nathalie who told us how she made herbal infusions and tasted some refreshing lemongrass, mint and honey infusion.

We were impressed by how respectful the team is towards nature. We would like to thank Nathalie Baissac Daruty for inspiring us and for promoting eco-friendly agriculture. We really enjoyed our visit and activities and learnt a lot about plants.

The CM1B class.