Quiz contest – About JOE Dalton and DONALD Duck

On the 12th of October our English group had a quiz contest on the 2020 presidential election in the UNITED STATES. Topic studied in our English class.

The principle was simple: the class was divided into two teams, in turns the teams had to ask questions that they had prepared on the topic Joe Biden & Donald Trump & the procedures of elections in the USA, to the other team.
Every good answer gave to them points otherwise every misstep, like a wrong answer, incomplete answer or speaking French, gave them penalties.
At the end, the mediator, Justin, totalised the points accumulated by each team and announced the winner of the quiz.
Through this video, filmed by Esaie, you can appreciate the very pleasant atmosphere between the students, the harmony in the class group, the good feelings for one another and the autonomy that we already have.
This exercise really shows how the class works and that through having fun, we learn a lot!
Thank you to our English teacher who every day shows us a different way of working, a way with not only exercises and lessons.
So much pleasant and enjoyable times…

Nell & Tasneem
For the group