Rudolphe cupcakes



Rudolphe cupcakes

We did Rudolph cupcakes in class today with the help of Sebastian’s mum. It was an easy recipe. We mixed flour, sugar, eggs, cocoa, butter, baking powder and vanilla in a mixing bowl. Then, we put the cake mixture in paper cases and baked the cupcakes for 10 minutes. Finally, we decorated them using melted chocolate, sweets and pretzels. The cupcakes were yummy.
Big thanks to Emilie, Melanie Y, Munavvar and special thanks to Chona Masson.

The pupils of CE2 A, B et D

Reindeer cupcakes

We did reindeer cupcakes in class. We decorated them with melted chocolate and sweets. We had fun making them and they were delicious. Merry Christmas to all.

The pupils of CE2 E and Marie Christine