Un livre au cœur d’un projet

Un livre au cœur d’un projet

Winnie the Witch



The students of CE1 B and CE1 C made an animated film in English.

First, they read the book ‘Winnie the Witch’ by Valérie Thomas. It is about a witch and a cat. Winnie the Witch lives in a black house. She has black chairs and black stairs, black floors and black doors. Winnie’s cat Wilbur is black, too. And that is how the trouble begins!

The students ‘let their imaginations go’ when creating the different scenes of the story. They worked in small groups and took every picture with a camera. Then, with the help of their teacher, they recorded their voice for every scene. They learned the importance of voice level and speaking slowly and clearly when giving a speech.

The students participated very happily. It was a fun and interesting experience.

The film was made by:

Leon, Micaëla, Théo, Amy, Arthur, Raoul, Ines, Noah, Mathilde, Isandre, Khéo, Nizzar, Faustine, Alizée, Kiara, Sebastian, Chelsea, Charlotte, Malcom, Tony, Kayshen, Aaron, Natisha, Joshua, Luca, Gabrielle, Margaux, Nejma, Claire, Matthieu, Damien, Maxime, Marylou, Maxime, Kenan, Sasha, Laura, Adrien, Romain, Tibo, Nathan, Emilie, Marie, Enora, Remi, Solal, Chloé, Mathias, Alessio.

Teacher: Neha Goodary

Special thanks to:

Nicolas Gopaul

Roshand Bhantooa

Cindy Ducasse