Ecole du Nord

2020 Plurilinguisme

Black Lives Matter

Students from our 3eme International Section have been researching and giving presentations on the topic of Black Lives Matter. This is part of their literature module on Prejudice and Discrimination.

The city of your dreams

The world, as it is presented to us today, faces many challenges. Effects of climate change are being felt everywhere and in all societies. In line with the chapter ‘THE CITY OF YOUR DREAMS’, students were brought to ponder on the issue accelerated urbanization and its consequences. At the end of the chapter students needed to present a model of the city of their dreams. Their cities were able to bring out clear solutions to fight climate change and its effects; renewable energy projects (Solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, biomass, wave energy, etc), rainwater harvesting, common urban gardens, green spaces, food security, sustainable transport systems, illnesses, among several others…

Des poèmes acrostiches

Les élèves du groupe d’anglais de 4è de Mme Mahabirsingh ont écrit des poèmes acrostiches dont le thème était l’environnement dans le cadre de l’EPI “Eco-lodge” et suite à l’étude du chapitre de leur manuel “Be The Change!”. Ils ont écrit des poèmes en binômes ou en groupes et devaient tout d’abord sélectionner un mot-clé en particulier en lien avec l’environnement. Le titre devait également être accrocheur (question, exclamation, expression originale…) et en rapport avec ce mot-clé (la réponse à la question par exemple ou des suggestions, propositions, idées pour sauver la planète).  Ils devaient aussi les illustrer.

Bonne lecture !


The job interview is probably the most important step we will take in our job search journey.


We learnt how to understand a job ad. ” Am I the person fitting the job description ? ” Then we wrote a cover letter introducing us briefly and summarizing our experience. Finally we did a job interview : a job seeker being interviewed by an employer.

Luka and Jade 
Groupe 3e Mrs Denuault

Water, water everywhere, not a single drop to drink


In line with the Geography chapter, ‘Population growth and its impacts’, International Students of 5ème, were brought to ponder on the issue of water and how to save such a precious resource.

Mauritius is going through a drought period and it is now even illegal to waste water, wash cars and even to water plants. Our planet consists of 70% water only a small percentage of that is fresh water. The rest is salt water which cannot be used. The 2.5% of fresh water exists mostly as ice or permanent snow cover.

We have only 1/3 of that percentage available for use. According to some predictions, by the year 2025 around 1.8 billion people will have no access to drinking water. Everything we do requires water, for drinking, washing, growing food, and for industry, construction and manufacturing. With more than 7.5 billion people on the planet, and the population projected to top 10 billion by 2050, the situation is set to grow more urgent. Depletion of water means scarcity of water which means that water sources are running dry. Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available freshwater resources to meet water demand. It affects every continent and even Mauritius is not spared.

Students were brought to elaborate posters in order to sensitize and educate the population on why it is important to save water.

‘Depletion of water means scarcity of water which means that there there that water sources are running dry. Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available freshwater resources to meet water demand. It affects every continent. About 1.1 billion people are facing water shortage in the world. Water scarcity is a real problem which is currently affecting 7% of the world’s population.’


Kok en pat, un conte musical.



Dans le cadre de leur travail sur le conte en classe de français, les élèves de sixième ont reçu la visite d’une conteuse mauricienne, Véronique Nankoo. Elle est venue partager avec les élèves sont expérience du conte et les élèves ont pu découvrir deux contes écrits par elle : “Ti-Fifi”, une adaptation mauricienne de “La petite fille aux allumettes” et Kok en pat, un conte musical.